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Sara Woldeslassie lives and works in Berlin. She has studied Middle East Studies at the Free University of Berlin(Bachelor of Arts) and obtained a Master’s degree with distinction in Media, Culture & Society at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. In her master's thesis, she studied how a critical re-reading of colonial archives in contemporary critical filmmaking can be used as a powerful tools when engaging in efforts of deconstructing colonial imaginaries. 

She has previously worked as a production manager, production assistant and archive researcher for creative documentary film before founding PINKY SWEAR FILM.

Projects as producer

LIFE CICLE (WT) – 2023
Experimental documentary film – in postproduction, 60 min. Director: Maxwell McCabe-Lokos, supported by: Canada Council for the Arts

Projects as production manager

Documentary film, 83 min. Authors: Adithya Sambamurthy, Luna Watfa; Director: Adithya Sambamurthy; Production company: Tondowski Films GbR; supported by: ARD

Dokumentarfilmwettbewerb, Medienförderung RLP, Documentary Campus
Festival premiere: One World International Film Festival Prag 2022


Projects as production assistent

TELL THEM ABOUT US (WT) – 2020-2022
Domentary film – in postproduction, 90min. Author/director: Rand Beiruty; Production company: Tondowski Films GbR; supported by: Beauftrage der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien, FFA Filmförderungsanstalt , Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Kuratorium Junger Deutscher Film, Deutsche Filmförderfonds

NO MERCY (WT) – 2020-2022
Dokumentary film – in Vorproduktion, 90 min. Author/director: Isa Willinger; Production company: Tondowski Films GbR; supported by: Medienboard Berlin- Brandenburg, tba

Dokumentarfilm, 78 min – Autor/Regie: Afraa Batous; Produktion: Tondowski Films GbR; Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf; Sender: ZDF – Das kleine Fernsehspiel; gefördert durch: Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg
Festival premiere: DOK.fest München 2023 (Student Award)

TV-Dokumentarfilm, 54 min – Autor: Angus MacInnes; Regie: Bálint Révész; Produktion: Tondowski Films GbR, Elf Pictures; Sender: ZDF/Arte Erstausstrahlung: 03.08.2021, Arte

Projects as archive researcher (video and press)

Docu-series – 3 x 45 min. Show Runner: Anne von Petersdorff; Production company: Gebrüder Beetz; SKY, UNIVERSAL
Release: 21.05.2023, sky, WOW
Festival premiere: DOK.fest München 2023

TV documentary film – Authors: Susanne Erler, Aline Abboud; Director: Susanne Erler; Production company: BASIS BERLIN Filmproduktion GmbH, Yami2; Broadcasters: ZDF/Arte, ARTE G.E.I.E.


EDIMOTION – Festival für Filmschnitt und Montagekunst 2023, Cologne
Moderation + Input Panel „Blickwechsel – Vermeidung kolonialer Muster im Filme machen und montieren“ (Co-panelist: Philipp Diettrich)

Academic conferences

Research School for Media Studies Conference 2023 – “All About Media? The Future of Media Studies”, Amsterdam
Paper Presentation: Panel “Media Platforms” – “Mirroring to resist – Deconstructing colonial imaginaries through the colonial archive”


Philipp Diettrich lives and works in Berlin. He has studied Media Art with focus on documentary film at HfG Karlsruhe in the class of Thomas Heise.

He completed various further training courses in production while he assisted Ruth Beckermann for the production of several of her documentaries. Diettrich has helped shape numerous documentaries in various roles, including as author/dramaturge, editor and director of photography.

He has previously worked as a creative producer for several documentary formats, including docu series for streamers, before founding PINKY SWEAR FILM.


SELECTION (2013-2023)


Works as author: *and Director of Photography

BETWEEN US GOD - 2024 (Co-writer/ dramaturge)
Documentary 90min
Director: Rebecca Hirneise
Production: Ruth Beckermann Filmproduktion
funded by: ÖFI, ORF,
Premiere: IFFR Rotterdam, Max Ophüls Festival

LA EMPRESA - 2023 (* DOP/ Co-Author / Creative Producer)
Documentary 90min
Author: Andre Siegers, Philipp Diettrich
Production: Mischief Films, UVO Group, fuenferfilm
funded by: MEDIA, KJDF, Kulturstiftung Sachsen, HHSH, ÖFI,
Premiere: IFFR Rotterdam, DOK Munich

KADER - 2016 (Author/ * DOP)
Documentary film, 30min
Production: UVO-Gruppe GbR,
funded by: ZKM Film Institute

FABRIKA TV - 2014 (author/ director)
TV magazine, 30min, 1 season of 12 episodes
Director/Writer: Philipp Diettrich, Marco Kugel
Production: ZKM Film Institute
Broadcast: ATV Türkiye, ATV Europe

WEISS DER WIND - 2013 (Writer/ Director)
Documentary 90min
Production: Eastend Filmproduktion
funded by: HfG Karlsruhe
Premiere: Vision du Reel Nyon

Work as dramaturg/ editor:

KARTE DER SCHÖNHEIT - 2021 (dramaturg + *DOP)
Documentary 90min,
Director: Marco Kugel,
Production: SEIN&HAIN, busse&halberschmidt filmproduktion, funded by: MFG Baden Württemberg, Filmstiftung NRW, 3sat, Premiere: Filmfest Hamburg, Grimme Award nomination 2024

AFRICAN MIRROR - 2019 (dramaturg/ editor)
Documentary 90min
Author: Mischa Hedinger
Production: bild und ton GmbH
funded by: SRF, Suisseimage

Premiere: Berlinale 2019

Work as producer/ creative producer:

DESERTED (AT) - 2024 (Producer)
Documentary 90min
Director: Mario Pfeifer
Production: Blackboard Film
financed by MDM, BKM, ARTE

THE NAZI CARTEL (AT) - 2024 (Producer)
Documentary series - 3x45min,
Director: tba

Production: Kundschafter Film, MobyDOK
financed by SKY, UNIVERSAL

JUAN CARLOS - LOVE, SEX and THE KING - 2023 (Creative Producer)
Documentary series - 4x45min
Director: Anne von Petersdorff
Production: Gebrüder Beetz
financed by SKY, UNIVERSAL

TELL THEM ABOUT US - 2021 (Producer Development)
Documentary 90min
Director: Rand Beiruty
Production: Tondowski Film
funded by: DFFF, KJDF, MBB, ARTE

UPROOTED - 2021 (Producer)
Documentary 60min

Director: Balint Revesz
Production: Tondowski Film
financed by: ARTE

27 STOREYS - 2020 (Line Producer Germany)
Documentary 90min

Director: Bianca Gleissinger
Production: Mischief Film, INSTANT FILM UG

funded by: ÖFI, FilmFond Vienna, ORF
Premiere: Max Ophüls Festival

SEASIDE SPECIAL - 2020 (Line Producer)
Documentary 90min

Director: Jens Meurer
funded by: BKM, FFA, DFFF
Premiere: Hof Film Festival

AN IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT - 2019 (Line Producer)
Documentary 90min
Director: Jens Meurer
funded by: BKM, DFFF, FilmFond Vienna
Premiere: IFF Rotterdam

ALLE LEBEN MEINES VATERS - 2018 (Producer Development) Documentary 90min
Author: Simon Quack
Production: UVO-Gruppe GbR
funded by: BKM, Gerd Ruge Scholarship

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